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Who said that healthy food doesn't taste good?

Welcome to Mediterraneo!

The Mediterranean diet is proven to be one of the healthiest in the world and our mission is to offer a range of excellent tasting food products that can be savoured and used every day in the Kiwi kitchen.

Why not try our authentic French Quatrefages Pates, just chill for awhile and then spread on crusty French bread - so easy and delicious! and our new Sicilian Rock Salts and versatile Dried Vegetable/Herb Mixes for pasta, very easy to prepare and a great alternative to your usual pasta dishes.


We are sorry but our Charmaine Solomon curry pastes have been and gone!  We had limited stock but a new order is underway.  We have shipments of Gaea olives and spreads and Zanier pasta and risotto on their way - latest updates now show our initial ETA of early December to 10th December for Zanier and 21st December for Gaea - needless to say we are very disappointed and hope there will be no further delays!

Thank you for choosing Mediterraneo ...