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Who said that healthy food doesn't taste good?

Welcome to Mediterraneo!

The Mediterranean diet is proven to be one of the healthiest in the world and our mission is to offer a range of excellent tasting food products that can be savoured and used every day in the Kiwi kitchen.

KALAMATA OLIVES - the healthiest olives in the world!!  A Greek clinical study just released has shown a significant reduction in bad cholesterol and improved blood lipid markers in volunteers who included KALAMATA OLIVES in their diet for 60 days.  Researchers have found that the daily consumption of KALAMATA OLIVES can help reduce the symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

The study is continuing but results have been excellent so far and you needn't go far to get your daily dose of delicious KALAMATA OLIVES as we have some of the finest.  Handpicked from organically cultivated trees in Greece and marinated in sea salt, vinegar and water, our GAEA ORGANIC KALAMATA OLIVES are plump, fleshy and full of flavour - nothing but the best!

Thank you for choosing Mediterraneo ...